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in Carbon Steel Tanks
Item ID: 226848

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30,000 gallon carbon steel tank

Horizontal, elliptical head, storage tank supported by two saddles. C/W access platform, 2- PRV's, Liquid Level Gage, handrails and ladder.
Capacity: 30,000 US gallons
Design Pressure: 155 PSI
Design Temperature: 250 deg. F.
Relief Valve Set Pressure: 125 PSI
MOC: Carbon Steel

Inspection report available upon request.  


30,000 gallon carbon steel tank
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Company Site: Dalton, Georgia, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer G.A. Mosites Co.
Capacity (Liquid) 30,000.00  gal  (113,562.00 L)
Maximum Pressure 155.000  PSI  (10,687.72 mbar, 1,068,771.50 Pa)
Orientation of Use Horizontal
Condition Very Good
Other Information 

Tank was taken out of service when they discontinued using the stored material. Tank was drained and was maintained with 30 - 40 psig Nitrogen padding in order to prevent any moisture attacking the interior of the tank. 


This would be a wide load if shipped by truck due to tank diameter of 11'-0" and a 13'-6 1/4" total height. There is a potential to ship by rail as this is positioned next to the tracks. 

Year of Manufacture 1989
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 132.000  in  (335.3 cm)
  Depth 528.000  in  (1,341.1 cm)
  Height 162.250  in  (412.1 cm)
Weight 57,478  lb  (26,072 kg)
Shipping  Weight lb  kg 
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Serial Number(s)NationalBoard#1006

DuPont Investment Recovery
  Karen Le Blond
  Wilmington , Delaware
Shipping & Handling:

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