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Item ID: 229900

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CTC Vibration Monitoring Equipment

A complete suite of accelerometers, cables and remote monitoring enclosure boxes that can be installed on process equipment to allow remote vibration monitoring. 

Quanity Description MPN

104 CTC Dual Output Sensor Accelerometer  TA-104-1A
Temperature/Acceleration, 100 mV/g, 10 mV/C, Side Connector, ¼-28 Mounting Screw

16 CTC Dual Output Sensor Accelerometer TA133-1E
Temperature/Acceleration, High Performance Low Frequency, 500 mV/g, 10 mV/C, Top Connector, ¼-28 Mounting Screw

112 CTC ¼-28 Stainless Steel Set Screw, ½” Length MH108-4B

10 CTC IBOX, Fiberglass Enclosure JB120-12C
Dual Channel Sensor Input, 12 Channels, Cord Grip Cable Entry, Spring Cage Terminal Blocks

110 CTC 3 Conductor, Shielded Cable CB112-A3A-010-A3A
White Teflon® Jacket, .175” OD, 400º F, 10’ OAL, MIL-Style 3 Socket Connector, 250º F, MIL-Style 3 Socket Connector, 250º F

114 CTC 3 Conductor, Shielded Cable CB112-A3A-100-Z
White Teflon® Jacket, .175” OD, 400º F, 100’ OAL, MIL-Style 3 Socket Connector, 250º F, Blunt Cut

112 CTC 3 Pin MIL to 3 Pin MIL Adapter CB902-1A

CTC Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Company Site: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer CTC
Year of Manufacture 2019
Condition New-Never Used

DuPont USA Asset Management Inventory
  Forrest Peeples
  Global Procurement
  Bentonville , Arkansas
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