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Item ID: 235307

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Gardner Denver Variable speed screw air compressor

Bids accepted through 02.28.2023

Gardner Denver Variable speed screw air compressor medium

overhauled in 2018 - New air end, new belts, new inlet valve, new filters and new oil separator, coolant hoses

Replaced air end ,all hoses for coolant , check valves, oil has been drained from unit. This unit was set up for 150 psi.  max is 165  spare air end is rebuilt. Expansion tank AP510 test 1/24/2019

Spare parts include
1ea spare air end
1ea air filter element
2ea temperature sensors
1ea air inlet valve
2ea oil separator rebuild kits
1ea contact block 480v
5ea xp1600 drive belts
13ea oil filters
2ea coolant hoses

Pressure 150 psi max
75 HP,35KW,Draws 59 amps at 480V 60 HTZ
serial#B000417,Model#753 ECG 302

Gardner Denver Variable speed screw air compressor
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Company Site: Wilmington, Illinois, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Gardner-Denver
Model ECG 302
Maximum Pressure 150.0  PSIG  (10.21 atm, 1,034,295 Pa)
Output Power 75.000  HP  (55.950 kW)
Year of Manufacture 2003
Condition Very Good
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 28.000  in  (71.1 cm)
  Depth 38.000  in  (96.5 cm)
  Height 67.000  in  (170.2 cm)
Shipping  Weight lb  kg 
Serial Number(s)B000417

DuPont USA Asset Management Inventory
  Forrest Peeples
  Global Procurement
  Bentonville , Arkansas
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