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in Sport Utility Vehicles
Item ID: 238803

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John Deere XUV825I S4 Passenger/Utility Carts 60

Bids accepted through March 29, 2023.

John deere XUV825I S4 Utility Cart
4 passenger, (MY17) bench seat yellow steel wheels ancia M-T extreme terrain tire deluxe cargo box with paint brake tail and reverse lights manual lift ops with nets backup alarm beacon light beacon light harness kit cab heater cab heater converson kit cab heater fitting kit horn kit ops glass windshield with wiper black ops poly roof ops rear panel ops rear view mirror ops swithc bank poly cab doors turn signal light harness turn signal light kit

Engine leaks oil and has slight ticking noise, muffler loud (rusted out), tires worn out, frame rusty, roof leaks, doesn't stop very well (needs brakes), may need clutch (don't reach full speed)

John Deere XUV825I S4 Passenger/Utility Carts 60
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Company Site: Midland, Michigan, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Year of Manufacture 2017
Manufacturer John Deere
Model XUV825I S4
Condition Fair
Serial Number(s)1M0825GFLHM130278

DuPont USA Asset Management Inventory
  Forrest Peeples
  Global Procurement
  Bentonville , Arkansas