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in Pallet Jacks, Powered
Item ID: 248043

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Hyster W50Z Material Handling Equipment

Bids accepted through April 19, 2024 - DuPont Asset#066-02731

Hyster W50Z material handling equipment
hyster W50Z pallet JACK - 2014

Very Good condition
24 volt 60" forks GNB champion battery power pack on board charger, stabilizing casters 48" LBR L/H 3.25" lift HGT 5" flush pallet stop creep speed horn
approx. Length 85in.
width 32in.
Height 52in.
Weight approx 1,500 LBS

Hyster W50Z Material Handling Equipment
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Company Site: Buffalo, New York, United States
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Hyster
Model W50Z
Condition Very Good
Year of Manufacture 2014
Serial Number(s)D215N02934N

DuPont USA Asset Management Inventory
  Forrest Peeples
  Bentonville , Arkansas