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 Plant Equipment - Other  in Plant Or Process Equipment  (9)

 Platform Lifters  in Lifters and Hoists  (3)

 Pumps - Other  in General Purpose Liquid Pumps  (9)

 Scientific and Laboratory Equipment - Other  in Laboratory Equipment  (4)

 Stainless Steel Tanks  in Tanks  (1)

 Forklifts  in Forklifts and Accessories  (9)

 MRO Stock Items - Other  in Maintenance, Repair and Operations Stock Items  (1)

 Scrubbers and Scrubber/Sweepers  in Mobile Equipment  (4)

 Semi Truck Tractors  in Trucks  (1)

 Single Screw Extruders  in Extruders  (1)

 Pallet Jacks, Powered  in Pallet Jacks  (4)

 Light Pickup Trucks  in Passenger Vehicles  (1)

 Carbon Steel Tanks  in Tanks  (2)

 Materials Handling Equipment - Other  in Material Handling Equipment  (1)

 Complete Production Plants  in ALL CATEGORIES  (1)

 Conveyors - Other  in Conveyors  (1)

 Blowers - Other  in Blowers  (1)